Richard Adem

A UX Engineer with 13 years of professional experience creating software, games and digital art.

I’m from Melbourne, Australia but currently living in London, UK.


Gem Jam 2013

Match 3 done differently.

Draw lines through gems to clear them and earn points. The more gems you link together, the more points you earn.

Design for iPhone.
Built with cocos2d.


Etch-A-Synth 2014

An etch-a-sketch that you can create music with

Created for the event ctrl-coda, use the knobs to draw lines on the screen, intersecting lines play different notes.
Developed for iPad using an iRig as an interface to an arduino.
The arduino handles the knob input and midi output.
The iPad app handles the visuals and midi generation, written with UIKit and Core Graphics.


Triptale apps 2015

A suite of apps created for clients in the tourism industry.

Developed a modular python build system to generate iOS and android projects with different content and features, we can rapidly produce apps to fit each clients needs.


Battlestars 2014

Live fantasy sports game.

Online fantasy multiplayer card game played while watching live Australian Football games. Results are based directly on players actions in real time.

Built for iPhone using UIKit.

No longer in operation but created for Superlive while working for The Royals.


Mickey's Tour 2014

Developed for the Royal Melbourne Show, users go around the fair looking for images on stalls to scan that will unlock Disney content in the app.

Build for iOS using the Vuforia framework.


All day breakfast 2014-present

A Melbourne based co-working space for game and play creators

We created a space where people can work on their creative projects, hold events and share ideas.
The space is cross discipline but a lot of the people involved are working with games.


GAME exhibition 2014

Art inspired by Melbourne video games

I created a series of computer generated images for this exhibition. They were made from photos of myself put through my processing script.

They were made from selfies of me playing the game Lyne that were passed through my processing script to create a hand painted style series of images.
When the image is being created you can see it The images shown were from different configurations of the script at different stages of the production of the image.


Nup Nup 2015

10 person local multiplayer chasing game.

Nup Nup is an iPad game that anybody can play, tap your colour to make your 'Nup' character jump, collect power ups to go faster, catch your friends before they catch you.

Currently in development, created with Unity3d.


Easy Runsheet 2015

A project managers tool to organise events.

Start-up project created in Copenhagen.


The Difference (mobile site) 2013

Mobile version of World Vision micro site

Created for World Vision's 'The difference' campaign at The Royals.

Made with jQuery Mobile framework.


V/Line apps 2013

A collection of apps for regional trains

I created 5 apps for internal use, commuters and tourists for iOS and Android.

V/Line My Line iOS
V/Line Escape iOS
V/Line My Line Android
V/Line Escape Android


On Minimalism 2013

Minimalist top down adventure game

Created for the ludum dare, in cocos2d with the theme minimalism.
Move the tiny avatar through the maze and avoid being squashed. Features non euclidean level design, and a rhythm mechanic.


Cops and Robbers 4 2015

2 player arcade game

Built in the style of original Mario Bros, this retro chasing game pits a robber collecting loot versus a cop trying to catch them.
Built using pico-8


Bomb the Giraf 2015

A limited knowledge multiplay game
I helped out with initial programming and design on this game while volunteering at the Nordic game jam.

Three people control the giraffe, one is allowed to watch the screen, while a forth player tries to bomb the giraffe by listening to their conversation.


Phosphene Delirium 2013

Short film for fashion designer
I created the el wire effects used in this short film and advised on setting up the effects in the shots.


Circuit Circus 2015

"No Screens Allowed" exhibition for Trailer park festival Copenhagen 2015
I created the hardware for the Spin Up piece using an arduino, motors and light sensors.


Meal of Fortune 2016

Created a conveyor belt with Sine Morris for Mouth Arcades's Meal of Fortune at babycastles in New York City.
I created the hardware for the conveyor belt with an arduino, motors and distance sensors.


Fanduel Turbo 2016

Live fantasy basketball game played at basketball stadiums, released publicly briefly for iOS and Android.
Created with Unity 3D using an in house UI system. I was a developer on the project working with C# and I was also a technical assistant on a team working on a new UI for version 2.


The Scene 2016

Video content for Condé Nast built at Code and Theory
Managed a small developer team to bring the product to market, worked both at Code and Theory and in house at Condé Nast.

Refactored large parts of app to fix memory issues.
Worked closely with designers to bring their vision to life.
Worked with web team to design similar experiences on web and mobile develop universal links system.

Featured on the app store.